Photography With A Purpose

I love nature, wildlife, hiking, and photography. About 20 years ago, I started combining my love of nature and wildlife with photography. I now do my best to capture that "gotcha" moment.  I go out, and I wait…. and with my lens, I capture a moment in time that intrigues the imagination.

In a landscape photograph, I try to compose the scene that will draw the viewer’s eyes into my image, and provide them with an emotional experience. Our ability to compose the photograph for any given moment improves with time, patience and experience.
My photography is a process with a purpose that I am very passionate about. I strive to seek perfection, and can always find things that I can improve upon in my photographs.
I enjoy mentoring others who desire to learn about wildlife and photography. There lies the real satisfaction - giving back and sharing my craft. Bill L. Coulter

The images displayed on this Web Site may be used for any non-commercial purpose after obtaining my permission. If you have interest in licensing any of my photos for commercial purposes, or would like to discuss custom prints and/or services, please CONTACT ME.

Articles Archive

02.12.2016. First Solo Exhibition Reception
When asked to do the exhibit I immediately thought of my many trips to Lake Lenexa at Black Hoof Park and why not show off one of the
city's beautiful park and nature trails. The vision for Black Hoof Park began in the early 1990s with the purchase of 80 acres where Lake Lenexa is located today.
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12.02.2014. Reflections of 2014

Well here we are approaching the end of another year and I thought this would be a good time to reflect on some of my experiences this year. First of all I assumed a teaching/mentoring roll, which is something I thought I would never do but glad I did. 
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08.07.2014. Radio Man Needed a Job

My dad-well he had this problem, he could not pronounce electricity, he would say “lectwistdy so he would not use the word unless he had to. All my Dad knew about electricity was that it could kill you and the fact he didn’t understand it scared the hell out of him.
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08.02.2014. Three Legged Dog and Buckaroos

My photographic journeys sometimes takes me through a local horse stable where I am greeted by the owner – we’ll call him Buck - with a big smile and firm hand shake.  I would describe Buck as a hard working friendly cowboy. He loves horses and animals, loving animals places him close to my heart. I never met an animal I didn’t like, but there are some I highly respect and keep my distance. I will leave it at that.
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08.01.2014. So You Think You Can Write

I can't believe I am writing my first blog at 73 years young, but here goes. I live in a small Kansas community, Paola, Kansas the County seat of Miami County Kansas, about 50 miles South of Kansas City, Missouri. I am retired but pursuing my photography, a life long dream.
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