About Me

My name is Bill Coulter and I am a photographer living in Miami County, Kansas. My passion in photography is seeking the natural beauty found throughout Kansas. I spend many hours each week in the outdoors and visit many wildlife areas throughout the state.

I love to shoot just about any subject, but really love capturing wildlife moments and outdoor scenes. Landscapes in particular allow me to show people a different perspective through the lens of my camera.

The camera doesn’t have an “eye for the picture, “ this is a human artistic attribute and only comes with knowledge, patience and experience. The task is to frame the scene in a personal way while conveying an expression of emotion to the viewer. It is not a matter of capturing what you see, but what you feel.

Every photographer’s body of work is their vision of what is important and valued.  This is not my hobby, it’s what I do – it’s who I am and it runs deep within my spirit.

Bill L. Coulter


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