Shortly About Me

I spend alot of time behind the lens, that should do it!


Always have your Camera Ready


The images displayed on this Web Site may be used for any non-commercial purpose after obtaining my permission.

If you have interest in licensing any of my photos for commercial purposes, or would like to discuss custom prints and/or services, please CONTACT ME.

My Philosophy

Photography With A Purpose
I love nature, wildlife, hiking, and photography. About 20 years ago, I started combining my love of nature and wildlife with photography. I now do my best to capture that "gotcha" moment.  I go out, and I wait…. and with my lens, I capture a moment in time that intrigues the imagination.

In a landscape photograph, I try to compose the scene that will draw the viewer’s eyes into my image, and provide them with an emotional experience. Our ability to compose the photograph for any given moment improves with time, patience and experience.
My photography is a process with a purpose that I am very passionate about. I strive to seek perfection, and can always find things that I can improve upon in my photographs.
I enjoy mentoring others who desire to learn about wildlife and photography. There lies the real satisfaction - giving back and sharing my craft.

Bill L. Coulter



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